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Please remember to call to arrange a drop off or pick up time & mail your completed Reservation Form with Vaccination Records and estimated payment to:

Pet B &B, LLC
c/o Alison S. Kimmitt
2097 Folly Road
Heathsville, VA 22473 (804)453-7111 cell (804)761-6123

e-mail -
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We will strive to give your pet the love and safety that they need. Our goal is that while you are on vacation, they will be on vacation, and hopefully "they won’t miss you until you are back". We recommend that you consider a bath on the day of checkout, as the dogs will probably be playing in the pool and/or yard and will likely be tired and dirty. 

In order for us to protect our guests, it is imperative that the shot records, medical information & emergency contact information are completed prior to check-in and we prefer that you bring the pet here for an interview.

We invite you to preview our facilities (and prefer to meet your dogs)Monday through Saturday by appointment only between the hours of 8AM and 6PM. If you schedule pick-up or call, we will walk your pet 10 minutes before for better transportation.


Dog Boarding - 1st day $30 Dog Boarding - additional days are $25 each - if you have multiple dogs, the fee for each will be $25 per day.
Holiday fee - an additional $10 per pet

Full day of Daycare $22

Half day of Daycare $12

Flea medication $25 (advanced notification preferred -we recommend K-9 Advantix)
Heartworm preventative $25
Other Medication- $5/dose
Bath $8
Nails $8
Transportation to groomer/clipper $5
Pet pickup and/or delivery $1 per mile (minimum $5)
Dog Training, Pet B&B style...... We train with love - $40/dog on Wednesdays from 11AM to noon by appointment only.  All dogs must be pre-approved, which includes an interview with Tom and verification of current vaccinations prior to admittance.
Cat Boarding - 1st night $15
Cat Boarding - 2nd night on $12

Owners are to bring their pets food as Colitis and other dietary problems can arise from changing diets.

Hours for humans - By Appointment Only Monday - Saturday 8AM- 6PM.................................

Directions from Heathsville - VSH 360 East to Burgess then turn left on Hacks Neck Road (VSH 644) and go 1 mile, then turn left on Folly Road and we are the first driveway on the left.
Directions from Kilmarnock - Jessie Dupont Memorial Highway VSH 200 North to
Northumberland Highway (VSH 360) West 1 block to right on Hacks Neck Road
(VSH 644) and go 1 mile, then turn left on Folly Road and we are the first driveway on the left.

Please return the following information prior to your pet's 1st visit with a check for the estimated fee, vaccination records and this agreement to:
Pet B & B, LLC
2097 Folly Road
Heathsville, VA 22473
Attn:  Alison Kimmitt

Pet Day Care and/or Boarding Agreement Day Care/Boarding Service - We agree to provide day care and/or boarding services to your pet and give the pet medication as indicated on the Medicine Form. Our hours of operation for human visitation are 8:00 AM through 6:00 PM Monday through Saturday and your visit is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Our company will exercise reasonable judgment in all situations during your pets stay.

Payment for Day Care/Boarding Services -You agree to pay us an agreed upon fee before your pet is taken into our care. These fees will be provided for you on the attached fee schedule. For boarding purposes a calendar day is considered a day. For daycare, 4 hours constitutes a half day.

Reservations-Reservations are required for dog boarding or day care. Please cancel your reservations as soon as you are aware that they will not be needed so we can have the space available for other guests.   If you do not cancel an appointment and do not show, you will be required to make the payment in full or your pets will be barred from the Pet B&B, LLC going forward.

Hurricane Season - we will be relocating in the event of a Cat 2 Hurricane, so it is imperative that we have emergency contact info.

Emergency-In the event of an emergency, every effort will be made to contact you or your designated Emergency Contact. If no contact is made with you or your Emergency Contact, we will act in a way that we feel is in the best interest of the pet. You agree to hold us harmless and that we will not be liable for any fees incurred if we are unable to reach you or your Emergency Contact and we determine that it is n the pet’s best interest to receive Veterinary care. You accept full responsibility for any fees incurred if your pet requires emergency assistance or veterinary care during the pets stay or if your pet causes an injury to another pet.  Tom's cell phone number is (804)466-9399 and Allie's is (804)761-6123 - but please keep in mind that our 150 year old farmhouse has a tin roof and aluminum siding and cell phone reception is not consistent - our land lines are a better way to reach us (804)453-7111.

Dog Health and Behavior
No pet will be allowed on the premises unless they have received their required shots, given by a licensed Veterinarian. All required shots are listed on this agreement. If your dog is found to have fleas or ticks, you herein agree to allow us to remove them at your expense($25 and we use K9 Advantix). We also reserve the right not to allow your pet on our premises if the pet looks sick or injured and we feel that the pet requires medical attention or may cause unnecessary risk to other pets. If your pet becomes sick or injured, we will attempt to contact you or your designated Emergency Contact. If your pet acts in a manner that we feel would be hazardous to our staff or other pets, we will contact you or emergency contact to remove your pet, or we may quarantine your pet at our discretion. We reserve the right to ban any pet from the premises if we feel that it may present a hazard to our staff or other pets.

Dogs Not Picked Up - If your pet is not picked up in the time frame that you have provided, you allow us to continue to board your pet at your expense. If your dog is abandoned as defined in state or local laws by the Abandoned Pet Procedure, we will make reasonable effort to contact you and your Emergency Contact including sending a certified letter to the address given on your application. If your pet is not picked up within ten days of the expected pick up date and you have not contacted us top make arrangements, you allow us to take your pet to Animal Control in Heathsville, VA (804)580-6156. You will also be liable for any and all fees including but not limited to court costs and reasonable attorney fees in the collection of the charges.

Food -You will provide your pets food. Changes to a pet’s diet may cause Colitits or other intestinal problems and unnecessary stress.

Representations: You represent to us that you are the owner of this pet and are authorized to enter into this agreement and you agree that all information provided is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. You also agree that your pet has not been exposed to rabies, distemper, or any contagious illness within 30 days or your pets stay with us. You also agree that your pet has no illness or behavioral problems that have not been disclosed to us in writing and that you will hold our company and our employees harmless for any loss, damage or expense resulting from your dog’s stay including any person claiming damage or injury by your pet.

Other Provisions -This agreement can be changed only if in writing and signed by you and our company. You also acknowledge in the event that your pet is injured by another pet that you hold harmless Pet B&B, LLC, Thomas J Kimmitt IV, Alison S. Kimmitt, Thomas J Kimmitt 5th, Timothy O'Neill Kimmitt, Marley Alison Kimmitt and their employees, and that we will not be responsible for these injuries. You also agree that if your pet injures another pet, or person, that you will be solely responsible for the injury and any applicable veterinary or medical expenses incurred therein.

Owners name _______________________________ Phone _______________ Cell _________________

Pet’s Name(s)__________________________________

Mailing address ____________________________________________ E-mail address________________

Owners Signature _________________________________ Date _______________

Thomas J. Kimmitt IV (manager)_________________________ or Authorized Pet B&B, LLC representative

Owners Phone number _____________________ Cell phone _________________

Boarding and/or Day Care Application - Owner is applying for aforementioned pet's entrance into Pet B&B, LLC. with check in at approximately _________ (time) on ____________, 20_________ and check out at approximately _________ (time) on _______________________ 20______.
The owner understands and agrees to abide by the rules set forth on the Pet Day Care and/or Boarding Agreement.

You agree that your pet has been given the following shots by a licensed Veterinarian and you agree to provide records of these shots.

Dogs- _____ DHLPPC(mandatory) _____ Rabies(mandatory) _____
Bordetella (recommended)______ Flea, Tick & Heartworm (recommended) ____ Fecal Exam ____________

Cats----_________ FVRCP(mandatory) _________ Rabies(mandatory)

Is your pet spayed or neutered? circle one - Yes/No - If not, is she in heat during this stay Yes___ No_____
Other Animals - please list shots: _______________________________________________

Emergency Contact _______________________ Phone ________ e-mail address _______________________________
You agree that the items listed on this application are true to the best of your knowledge. Signed this __________ day of _____________, 20____.

____________________________________ _________________________
Owners name                                               Owners Signature

Pet circle one or more:
Dog/Cat Other_____________________
Pet’s Name                                     age                    date of Birth if known               Veterinarian                                       Vet phone #
____________________                 ________           ___/____/____                        ____________________________     _____________________________
Pet’s breed _____________________________
Pet color and size _______________________________
Pet weight_________________________
Does your pet have any allergies to any food or medication, etc.? Yes No

- If Yes, provide details__________________ Does your pet Bite? Yes/No
Can your pet climb a 4 foot high fence? Yes No Can your pet jump a 4 foot high fence? Yes No
Do you want your pet socialized with other pets? _______________  It will be assumed that you want the pet socialized unless instructed otherwise.

Please list all medications we will be required to give your pet with quantity and frequency:

What is the medication for?____________________________________________________
Does your pet have any Medical History we should be aware of? __________________________________

Feeding Instructions and type of food(you will provide the food and we prefer that you mark the package with the pets name)____________Frequency______________
Special Treatments (i.e. bath, nails, flea medication, transportation to groomer, text or e-mail photos, special requests - we will spoil them) __________________________________________________________

Does your pet have any likes or dislikes that we should know about?

Additional comments______________________________________________



Please mail a completed form with your estimated fees, & Vaccination Records prior to your pet’s first visit.
Thanks in advance......... With Love, The Pet B&B, LLC staff
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