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Christian Family owned and operated pet care in Burgess/Heathsville

Serving Northern Neck pets since 2007


by appointment only

 Pet B&B, LLC

2097 Folly Road

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Please remember that since this is our home as well as business location, that all visits are scheduled between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday (no Sunday pickups or drop offs) and all are 

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, so please call us first (804)453-7111.  All dogs must pass the Pet B&B, LLC interview process prior to reservation confirmation.  We do not accept aggressive dogs and reserve the right to decline any pets that we feel could be a danger to our staff and/or other guests. 

We will strive to provide your pets with the love and care that they deserve.  Our goal is that they will not miss you while you are away, so while you are on vacation, they will be on vacation too.

1st time guest are required to be pre-paid prior to the pet's reservation being confirmed - after that payment due at drop off.  We do not accept credit cards.  Deposit checks can be mailed with the vaccination records.

Pet sitting/House sitting    =  $100/day

Dog Walking/in home services = $35/visit

Transportation $1 per mile to groomer, Vet, home - please note where and when transportation is needed ______________________________________________________________________________________

Rates -


4 hours of doggy daycare =    $12

All Day doggy daycare     =     $22

Overnight stay 1st day     =     $30

Additional days(by date)  =     $25

Medication                   =     $5/dose

Bath                                  =     $10

Nails                                 =     $10

1st day                             =     $15
additional days           =      $13.50
Medication                   =      $ 5/dose

other species available upon request - (no birds - we have 9 cats)
No animals without current vaccination swill be allowed on the premises and NO AGGRESSIVE ANIMALS WILL BE ACCEPTED 
Please remember that ALL People are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY so call first (804)453-7111 to schedule an appointment.

Leash Law in effect - we have free range chickens and cats, so please do not allow your dogs to be off leash while in the yard.

Pet Day Care and Boarding Agreement:

We agree to provide day care and/or boarding services to your pet & give the pet medication as indicated on the Medications portion of this form.  Our hours of operation for humans are 

8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday - no Sundays please & all appointments are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Our company will exercise reasonable judgement in all situations during your pets' stay.

- Payment for services - you agree to pay us an agreed upon fee before your pet is taken into our care.  The fees are provided above.  For boarding purposes, a day is a calendar day, thus drop off on Monday and pickup on Tuesday is 2 days.  For day care, 4 hours constitute 1/2 day and more than 4 hours constitutes a full day.

Reservations - Reservations are required for dog or cat boarding or day care.  In the event that you need to cancel you reservations, please do so at your earliest convenience as we have a limited number of kennels and cat condos.  If you do not cancel a boarding reservation prior to 24 hours in advance, you will be required to pay for the days booked or your pets will be denied future reservations.

- Extreme Weather conditions - WE WILL RELOCATE IN THE EVENT OF A CATEGORY 2 OR GREATER HURRICANE or in the event of other hazardous weather forecasts, so it is imperative that we have Emergency Contact information on file.  Allie's cell is (804)761-6123 and note that we do not get cell reception here, but text messages usually get through.

- Emergencies - In the event of an emergency, every reasonable effort will be made to contact you and/or your Emergency Contact.  If no contact is made with either you or your designated emergency contact, we will act in a way that we feel (at our sole discretion) is in the best interest of the pet.  You agree to hold us harmless and that Pet B&B, LLC and it's employees will not be liable for any expenses incurred if we are unable to reach you or your emergency contact and we determine that it is in the pet's best interest to to receive Veterinary care.  You accept full responsibility for any fees incurred if your pet requires emergency assistance or Veterinary care during your pet's stay at or Veterinary care during your pet's stay or if your pet causes injury to any of our staff or guests.  

- Save and Hold Harmless - You agree to save and hold harmless Pet B&B, LLC, Thomas J Kimmitt 4th, Nancy Alison Smith Kimmitt, Thomas J Kimmitt 5th, Timothy O Kimmitt, Marley A Kimmitt and any other staff or persons we authorize.

- Dog Health and Behavior- No pet will be allowed on the premises unless they are healthy and have received their required vaccinations, given by a licensed Veterinarian.  If your dog or cat is found to have fleas, we will provide flea medication of our choice and you will pay $25 for each treatment.  We reserve the right to ban your pet access to the Pet B&B, LLC if in our sole discretion, we believe that the pet is sick or may cause health problems to our staff or other pets.  We reserve the right to contact you or your emergency contact to remove the pet at any time that we do not feel it is in the best interest of the Pet B&B, LLC, it's staff or other pets.  If your pet becomes sick or injured during the pet's stay, we will contact you or your emergency contact to remove the pet from the Pet B&B, LLC.

Dogs or Cats not picked up - If your pet is not picked up in the time frame you reserved and you do not contact us to extend the reservation, you allow us to board the pet at your expense.  If your pet is abandoned as defined in state or local laws of the Abandoned Pet Procedure, we will make reasonable effort to contact you and/or your emergency contact including sending a Certified Letter to the address you provide on this form.  If your pet is not picked up within 10 days of the expected pick up date and you have not contacted us to make arrangements, you herein agree to allow us to take your pet to Animal Control in Heathsville, Va 22473 (804)580-6156.  YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY AND ALL FEES INVOLVED IN THE RELOCATION OF YOUR PET IN THIS EVENT.

- Food - you will provide Pet B&B, LLC with your pet's food and instructions - see below.   Changes to the pet's diet may cause colitis, allergies or other intestinal problems and unnecessary stress.

Representations - You represent to us that you are the lawful owner of this pet and are authorized to enter into this agreement and you agree that all information you provide is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.  You also agree that your pet has not been exposed to rabies, distemper, parvo or any other contagious disease or illness within 30 days or your pets stay with us.  You also agree that your pet has no illness or behavioral problems that have not been disclosed to us in writing and that you will save and hold our company, staff and guests harmless from any loss or expense resulting from your pet's stay including any person claiming damages or injury from your pet.

Other Provisions - This agreement can be changed only if IN WRITING and signed by both you and Thomas J Kimmitt 4th, Nancy Alison Kimmitt.   You also acknowledge that in the event that your pet is injured by another pet, that you save and hold harmless Pet B&B, LLC, Thomas J Kimmitt 4th, Nancy Alison Kimmitt, Marley A Kimmitt, Thomas J Kimmitt 5th, Timothy O Kimmitt and any and their employees, and that we will not be responsible for these injuries.  You also agree that if your pet injures another pet, or person, that you will be solely responsible for the injury and any applicable veterinary or medical expenses incurred therein.

OWNERS NAME _______________________SIGNATURE  ________________________   DATE __________  PHONE(s) __________________E_MAIL ____________________________________________ 

Pet's Name(s) age, color and breed/species    ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  Is your pet chipped?  YES/NO chip contact information____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

OWNERS ADDRESS ____________________________________________________________________________ 

EMERGENCY CONTACT NAME, PHONE, CELL and E-MAIL __________________________________  __________________________________ _________________________ _______________________

Boarding and day care reservation -  Owner is applying to have Pet B&B, LLC provide services from drop off day ____ date____/____2019 at @ _________ (time) through ______/_______/2019 at @ ______ (time)

You agree that your pet is current on vaccinations as follows:

Dogs - DHLPPCV through _____________   RABIES through ___________________  Flea, Heartworm and Ticks through ____________  Kennel Cough through _______________________

Cats- FVRCP through _________________  Rabies through ______________________  Does your pet have any allergies? __________________________________________________________

Does your pet have any injuries, likes or dislikes that we should be aware of? ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Is your pet spayed or neutered?   circle one YES/ NO - if NO, is your pet going to be in heat during the stay?   YES/NO

Can you dog climb a 4 foot high fence?  YES/NO

Do you want your dog socialized with other dog?   YES/NO - It will be assumed that you want your pet socialized unless otherwise noted.

Veterinarian name and address __________________________________________________ Phone ________________________________  E-mail _____________________________________________

Please list any medications, amount and schedule of medications that your pet will need during it's stay ___________________________________________________________________________________

Feeding instructions- please bring a little extra food in the event that your travel is extended, also please mark the container with your pets name and frequency- with brand, frequency and amount _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Additional information that will make your pet's stay extra comfortable _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please mail the reservation form with vaccinations copy and check to us prior to the pets 1st stay.  Also, please check out our facebook page for pix and updates


Tom, Allie, Tommy, Timmy and Marley Kimmitt - Pet B&B, LLC staff

authorized - Thomas J Kimmitt 4th, VP, PET B&B LLC  


All dogs must pass our interview prior to committing to boarding


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